Once you first start noticing how often men will interrupt or talk over you if you’re a woman you can’t ever stop like every time i have a conversation with a man or participate in a class discussion i notice it and it’s honestly my biggest irritant

notice it and stop it. don’t let them talk over you. if they start, do not stop what you are saying and look them straight in the eye until they do. it should not be tolerated

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my home is a shrine, I build it piece by piece. (little ephemera in my studio)

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'Dont I get a hug' most cringeworthy line

Creepy boys’ anthem

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Oil on board.
32 x 21 cm.
Mucha Museum, Prague, Czech Repblic.

Art by Alphonse Mucha.(1860-1939).

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anderson cooper is a top

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if u wanna date me I hope u like excessive swearing and long talks about feminism

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Duarte Victoria aka Duarte Victoria (Portuguese, b. 1973, Penafiel, Portugal) - Untitled, 2005     Paintings: Oil on Canvas

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when someone reading in class and your name is in the story


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Sharona. 23. Dutch illustrator.

I strongly believe in second breakfast. I got a degree in art and complaining. When I'm not on tumblr, I'm working for the Dutch mail or spending time with my dog Noah. I daydream too much about ships and then I blog about it. Are we human or potato? (Choose wisely)

the don esta genietos to my los gezelligitos

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