i was watching hell’s kitchen and someone dropped a fish and then this happened

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"I should’ve left him when I left Paris."
"Mmm yeah, cold turkey. It’s the only way to go."

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endless sidle!

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Please, just tell me, who are we to each other?

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Anonymous said: fem sherlock, 12

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when people complain that a woman’s bra is showing


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Oops I gave her a story.  A summer time story, with living with relatives in houses by lakes filled with ghosts and everything.

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Step away from your $40 American apparel crop top..walk into a goodwill..boys’ toddlers section..find the smallest shirt there..a new tiny crop top for you..$1…

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Sharona. 23. Dutch illustrator.

I strongly believe in second breakfast. I got a degree in art and complaining. When I'm not on tumblr, I'm working for the Dutch mail or spending time with my dog Noah. I daydream too much about ships and then I blog about it. Are we human or potato? (Choose wisely)

the don esta genietos to my los gezelligitos

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